Tur Editor - Public Transport Data Management and Integration System

TUR Editör

Digitaling Your City

  • Tur Editör is a web-based GIS application that you can easily manage by digitizing your city’s public transport data.
  • You can share digital data without user limit on connected systems with TUR Editor.
  • TUR Editor is a system that can be used by all local governments with its flexible structure.
  • With its advanced control system, TUR Editor minimizes human-induced incorrect data entry.

Line Information

Along with the line definition, the route is drawn, and all route information is updated. It is almost impossible to make mistakes in route drawings.

Staff Management

Your employees' profile information is accessed, and a new personnel definition is created. It is carried out using a different development method for each administration.


The times of the lines are updated, and the new time information is shared live with your business partners. Each service hour in the system can be downloaded, edited, or deleted for a single day, a week, Saturday, and Sunday.

Station Information

The density of the station clusters is seen on the map and additional operations are carried out based on the types of stations.

Bus Specifications

Parking information for buses is published, and assignments are made based on bus features.

Passenger Interaction

You can change all kinds of data of the public transport network live and present it to the passengers. Mass communication with Pop-Up notification and other features.