PassLine - Public Transport Fleet Management Software

What is PassLine?

The name of PassLine, it is a combination of these two words: Passenger and Line. PassLine is a business intelligence application which developed specifically for the Public Transport Network. It has been developed within the framework of artificial intelligence and data warehouses. PassLine gathers all the systems you use to manage your fleet under one roof.


Why PassLine?

PassLine; offers special solutions in order to increase passenger satisfaction and ensure financial discipline.
You can prevent commonly experienced in the Public Transport network violations with PassLine; such as the bus not stopping at the stop, not starting on time, changing its route according to its own desire, driving in a way that endanger road and passenger safety.

Passline Features

Financial Analysis

Wouldn't it be nice to see the efficiency of your trip plan just by looking a chart?

PassLine displays the financial situation in real time. It makes it very easy to understand and manage with various graphics.
You only have to make decisions about efficiency.

.With the comparison screens, the revenues of the same or different line / bus on different days or hours are compared and optimum voyage and route planning is made.

Financial Analysis allows you to observe changes in the turnover distribution and passenger profile over daily, weekly, and monthly time periods, as well as construct additional scenarios based on the line's passenger profile distribution.


  • Displays all income items in the public transport network from a single point.
  • Line, bus and trips based; It monitors revenue, number of passengers and passenger profile information in real time.
  • With the end of day report, it presents the data of that day with all the details.

  • Line, Bus, Trip Count of Passengers and Revenues
    Financial Analysis Tools
    Station Count of Passengers and Passenger Profile
    Hourly Occupancy Rates
    Hourly, Daily and Weekly KM Revenues
    Redundant Trip Detection