About Us

Teknar Teknoloji has been developing solutions for the public transportation network systems since 2012, the year of establishment.

Starting out with the philosophy of adding innovation to today's life, Teknar Teknoloji aims to meet customer demands at the maximum level. Teknar Teknoloji's main focus is; successful completion of each project in the desired quality and in the optimum time.

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What are we doing?

Teknar carries out R&D and P&D activities on the Passenger Information System Algorithms (Route Planning, Smart Stop and Where is My Bus solutions), Data Interpretation and Optimization, Barrier-Free Transportation Applications, MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Systems, Traffic Control Centers, Line Based Cost and Gain Calculation, Bus Stop Time Reporting, Navigation Tracking System, Route Violation Warning System, Vehicle - Driver Assignment Optimization, Public Transport Numerical Data Management, Traffic Density and Consolidation Systems, Bicycle Driving Experience Application for Individual Users and Fleet Tracking System. In accordance with B2B and B2C business models, information is provided on public transportation.

Achievements and Awards

2020 - Tur Editor
AUSDER / Jury Prize

2019 - Teknar Teknoloji
İnnovalig / Semi Finalist

2018 - Teknar Teknoloji
TEB - TİM / Turkey's Most Successful Top 50 Start-Up

2018 - Tur Editor
Transist Turkey / Technology Application Award

2017 - Teknar Teknoloji
İnnovalig / 8th in Turkey

2016 - Route Planner, Smart Station and Where is My Bus Systems Transist Türkiye
Transist Türkiye / Service Quality Award

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