Bicycle App

My Bike App Features

   Individual Users: My bike app for individual users, travelers and sports fans It is a developed “Bike Experience” application. My Bike app is for individual users was designed.
  Custom Route Planning: Users My Bike Custom navigation for routes defined with the application acquired driving experience.
  Urban Cycling: My bike application aims to increase urban bicycle mobility. aims. Healthy and healthy with My Bike app A sports-loving city is aimed.
  Urban Mobility: Bicycle-based “Urban Thanks to “Mobility”; CO2 emission, noise pollution, fossil induced mobility and reduction in carbon footprint, Improvements in environmental factors are expected.
  Collective Driving:Public organizations “My bike Collective bicycle ride organizations with the "Application" can edit.

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My Bike App Subsystems

My Bike application, Mobile Application, Data Management Portal and It consists of 3 sub-systems, namely the Promotion Website.

1. Mobile Application: Made available to personal users, It can be downloaded for free from Android and iOS application markets. It is a bike driving experience application.

2. Data Management Portal:The administration can define the route, can prepare introductory text and visual content about the route, a web-based data management system that can make route revisions system.

3. Promotion Website: All kinds of my bike mobile application information is shared, containing detailed information about the routes, a web site where added routes and route adjustments will be announced. is the application.

My Bike App Values

  • Users can view all the details of the route on the map. can see.
  • You can save the trip made on the route, can calculate average values.
  • You can take photos of the route, special watermark of the application can share on social media.
  • Language selection can be made for foreign tourists.
  • Photos uploaded by other users to the system You can view all the locations in the area of ​​the route. can examine the facilities (hotel, restaurant, hospital, etc.)
  • About the route length, the number of likes of the route and the route view comments.
  • You can define people for emergencies, driving location information in emergencies that may occur during can send,
  • By adding the routes you like to your favorites, "Route" can create a "List"
  • Data protection in accordance with KVKK