Where is my bus? — Transport Assistant

Customer BURULAS (Bursa Metropolitan Municipality)
Year 2013
Role Website / Mobile app
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We Accept Success that Touch On Life Projects

With Where is My Bus application, you can follow the bus and you can access a lot of information about the bus. Where is My Bus application is powered by an original algorithm which developed with our own resources and works independently of each devices.

Where is My Bus application can also work with location data from Validator or Vehicle Tracking Systems, so it does not need an external device investment. The algorithm used in Where is My Bus is also used in Teknar Vehicle Tracking application.

Note to experts: The quality of Where is My Bus application starts with City Database (exp: TUR Editor)

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We'd rather never do the same.

• Displaying the going and return routes separately,

• Display of all active vehicles on the line on the map,

• Non-active vehicles are not displayed on the map,

• Fixing on the route in small deviations because of GPS,

• Estimated position (preferably),

* Vehicle location information is obtained from existing systems (card reading systems, vehicle tracking systems, etc.). Because of this, no additional investment is required.


Accuracy up to 100 m

Average per city

15 Million Years Inquiry