Journey Planner — Transport Assistant

Customer Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality
Year 2015
Role Website / Mobile app
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The fastest algorithm ever

The journey planner offers the most convenient travel solution between two points in public transport networks. Depending on a start or arrival time parameter, planning is performed. The solution is offered according to the criteria of minimum transfer, earliest arrival or minimum walking distance. The TUR Algorithm is the basis of the journey planner. The TUR Algorithm is completely specific, scalable and customizable. The TUR Algorithm can be arranged to optimize different objective functions and work with real-time data.

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We are different, thanks to innovation!

Journey planner application has been developed considering user needs and ease of use in addition to solution performance. Some of our highlights:

• Planning including all modes of public transport, city bus, public bus, metro, metrobus, sea lines… etc

• Planning up to 4 transfers

• Solution according to the shortest time, minimum transfer or cheapest criteria

• Planning by trip start or arrival time

• Planning according to maximum waiting time at stops

• Planning according to maximum walking distance between stops

• Solutions for disabled people

• Calculations are made by considering all stops and vehicles in the city's public transport network. Dynamic calculation method is used in the solutions.


Transist — Dec 2015

Doctoral Thesis

Highest Performance — Nove 2015