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Custom Solutions

Besides classic software and technology projects, Responding to the special needs of companies and institutions is one of our company's basic founding principles. We are aware that everything is consumed very quickly and that our old life needs to add innovation.

How We Work

We do not have the classic and stable working understanding that many companies in the world have. Because; We do not determine how we work, Determining the project we are working on. We know our duty to work as required by the project to ensure that the project is successful and completed at the optimum time.

Professional Personal

All of our directors are in the name of meeting the demands of our customers at the maximum level. For this; We are a company with engineers, mainly in different branches. We have a specific core team to improve our working efficiency. In each different project, we add the core cadmium to the project and add new friends to make it dynamic. And the fixed part of the cadres is academic advisors.

Who We are?

Teknar Technology was founded in 2012 by Eren Küçük and Gökhan Akyol.
We are the employees who consider the engineering education we have received as the success story that we can meet with projects that can touch.
Our main system criteria are comfortable use and quick solutions which are indispensable for our customers. The first software realized by TEKNAR Technology and Software was published with TUR without a notice called "Solution Approach with Minimal Transfer Focus on Route Optimization Problem on Public Transportation Networks" at the "8th Public Administration Symposium" held in May 2013 by the Turkish Municipalities Union.

Our Team

..kaç kişi olursak olalım biz tekiz..

Eren Küçük

Mr. Bazinga

Geren Bey :)) Eren shows both the gulet face and the cold face of the company together. You can have fun all day long if you can not get the job done together and if you are wrong you pay the equivalent.

Gökhan Akyol

Family Guy

Family Guy is overly impressed with his family, so he comes to work late and leaves early. Jobs look more at the administrative work than software, with Eren Bey is the founder of Teknar.

Kübra Telli


Shee's in trouble because he's one of the hardest jobs of the company. This increases the level of tripping.She is continuing her trip career on the request of the Ministry of Health.

Hüseyin Koz

Very Knowledgeable Man

He is Ali Hocan's successor, with a great deal of software. Kübra and Buse are both caring and imperious.

Buse Gizem Dinç

Android Monster

Business dependency is the highest friend. In any negativity about the business, her eyes are filled. She is also very eager in business.

Yasin KOÇ

Big Boss

Mentor, master, intense, coach and many more.

Suna KOÇ

Mrs Boss

It's the queen of the business to be understood by name. He deals with all work and employees one by one and solves problems.


The Most Knowledgeable Man

The man who knows everything is our adviser, the whole system works over this person, the only guy we can get information on.


Data Interpretation

With the data interpretation algorithms we have developed, you can access the information you seek with maximum performance.


By using statistical methods besides mathematical methods, you can get the desired result in a short way.

Estimation Algorithms

It's easy to know the past, making predictions for future or future? By using "Future Forecasting Algorithms" we have been developing and using past data; You can reach predictions with high accuracy for the future..

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Our Products

Unpublished Projects

City Intensity of Traffic Future Estimation Algorithm
Intelligent Navigation System
City Public Transportation Data Acquisition and Understanding Algorithm
You can contact us for more information or you can follow the projects we are doing from social media channels.

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